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Our President, Nick Kautz, started Superior back in since 1977. With his long history in the carpet industry, he began to build his own flooring empire. Just over a decade later, his success gained him recognition with The Home Depot, thus Superior became an Authorized Service Provider for flooring projects in the Chicagoland area. Today, Superior is still a family owned and operated business specializing in Carpet and Hard Surface flooring. In addition to flooring, we also offer additional services such as decking, pavers, custom home organization including closets and blinds, basement remodeling, carpet cleaning, concrete coatings, and much more! Just ask us if we can provide a custom service!

Can you briefly explain the differences between a deck and porch?

A porch is normally located in the front of a home and can be made out of wood, concrete, or a combination of both. Usually these are accompanied with a shingled roof or awning and lead into the front door of the home and the sidewalk or driveway.

A deck is normally located in the back of the home and can be made out of pressure treated, cedar, or composite wood material. They can be at ground level and escalate all the way to a second story with multiple types of railing and staircase choices. Normally, decks lead into the backyard or a paver landing.

Is there anything homeowners should do before they meet with a contractor about building one of those?

Visit your local Home Depot for options on decking. There are a variety of different styles, colors, materials, and railings to choose from. It can become quite confusing, so before having a contractor out, have an idea of what you're looking for. Patio Pavers are also an excellent value as an alternative to a deck. There are so many styles, patterns, and shapes with Pavers- the possibilities are endless.

What are some of the most popular design features that homeowners in your state are asking for in a new deck or porch?

Most homeowners today are asking for composite decking (minimal maintenance and no need to stain) or patio pavers. Those that have backdoors that walk out onto the yard usually opt for patio pavers and normally add a seat wall and a firepit. Those with a backdoor that sits on a hilly terrain usually opt for a deck with stairs that lead down into the grass. Popular decking (especially composite) today usually consists of tropical color boards like gray, green, and brown along with white or black railing systems.

What are the main things that influence what can or can't be built?

Decking and patio pavers can normally be built on any suburban home as long as septic tanks, gas lines, windows and trees do not interfere with the design. In the city of Chicago and other highly populated metro areas, decking becomes complicated due to size constraints, permit specifications, and ability to get the material into the building space. High-rise condos may need a crane to move material onto the job site.

What advice would you give homeowners about maintenance to help avoid repairs and prolong the life of their new outdoor addition?

For pressure treated or cedar decks, stain them every year. In the fall and winter, keep them clear of wet leaves and snow. For composite decking, keep grills away from railings and siding- they can melt.
For patio pavers, make sure the contractor who installs your pavers digs at least 8 inches down and uses the proper sand mix to prevent grass and weeds from growing through the pavers.

What's the best way for people to reach you and your company?

We are available via phone at 847-806-9900 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, via live chat on our website Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, or via email at

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