• Carpet
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen/Bath
  • Window
How do I choose the best carpet?
Choose a carpet first by color, then a style that matches your use of that room. All carpets are
made to outlast the love you have for that color. Our trained professionals can guide you to the
best carpet to match your need and budget.
How do I choose the best Tile?

the least expensive tile for a quick fix and long life great for walls and light traffic areas.
Porcelain: Better quality tile has the same color throughout the tile,a chip is less noticeable.
Great for floors in kitchens where things drop more often.
Natural stone: Unique and natural characteristics are inherent and expected. Precision lines
and installation are not to be expected adding to the beauty.
How do I choose the best Laminate?
Don't buy on price. If you want the look of wood, buy wood, if you want the look of wood at a
lower cost, pick laminate but choose a quality product like Wilson Art.
If you have a small area, need a quick fix, are planning to flip your house, there are many budget
products that meet your needs.
How do I choose the best Hardwood?
Nothing says elegance more than hardwood; we offer the highest quality northern growing
region hardwood to ensure the product last. Exotic woods are high in demand and pricing is all
over the board. We only buy from reliable sources that handle volume and do not want problems
to ruin there reputation. Prefinished wood floors can be beautiful, we highly recommend only
first quality Bruce flooring to insure the picture you have in mind is the same as the outcome